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Pioneer Settlement

The history lesson you will never forget

Whether you grew up with your grandfather's stories of the olden days, or whether you don't remember life before the internet, you will see history in a whole new way at the Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement.

"I really enjoyed it. I love Australiana History. You can go on a car ride in a 1929 Buick. It's the original shops and homes in the Pioneer Settlement. You can step back in time back to the mid 1800's - 1900's. You can dress in old time costumes and have your photo taken!" - Vicki

"Living" history is the most memorable

Fill your mind with ideas, wonder how you would have managed, imagine living in times gone by - this is good for the soul as well as being good for the mind.

"Absolutely fantastic reminiscing about the things grandparents had and even me as a small child until we got electricity. Great day and exhibits: would recommend to all. A worthwhile visit." - Jane


  • Heartbeat of the Murray River Cruise
  • Steam Engine Black Bess - built in 1920
  • Jimmy Long's Bakery
  • Traditional Lolly Shop - for all ages
  • Echo Print Shop - get your name on a wanted poster!
  • The Music Shop and Drapery - with a functional pianola player piano
  • Blacksmith and Woodturner
  • Photo Parlour- capture yourself as you may have looked if you lived 100 years ago!
  • Horse-drawn vehicles - and more!

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